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PC Repair

Hardware and Software diagnosis and repair for Windows and Linux machines.
  • Data recovery - damaged drive or just erased files.
  • Virus and Malware removal.
  • Transfer and Setup of software and files to new system.
  • General service and clean up of old slow installations.
  • Installation / Uninstallation problems fixed.
  • Training and Help as required.
  • Recycle / Upgrade older PCs instead of buying a new one.


Hardware / Software if required at cost price.
Labour £20-00 / hour Maximum charged is 5 Hours unless pre negotiated.
Jobs estimated at over 5 hours are negotiable.
No work carried out without pre agreed price and no extras charged.
Support is free of charge for 3 months for bedding in or any problems encountered.
No charge for diagnosis of problems or online help.
Home callouts after business hours at £30-00 / hour min charge 1 hour.

Data Recovery

Data recovery from old or corrupted Hard Drives. This is done using specialist forensic software in order to recover all documents, pictures, video, Email folders etc from a Hard Drive that will not boot and is unreadable by windows. The disk must be physically undamaged and recoved data will be removed and placed on a DVD for transfer to a new machine. This process is not 100% guaranteed but most of the files are recoverable - price £25.00 on a "no win no fee" basis. This process is capable in ideal circumstances of recovering all files on a drive including files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten by the system. Circumstances are however rarely ideal with an old drive so 60% of deleted files is good going depending on how long ago they were deleted. The process does not save file names it just dumps everything it finds into a folder by extension - so all your photos will be un-named *.jpg files, word docs will be *.docx and so on forcing you to sort out the recovered files and rename them. Not only is forensic recovery very good but it also makes sure you never ever wish to spend 3 days renaming files again, and appreciate the value of an online backup solution in future.

Re-Cycle Old PCs

PCs upgraded way that preserves your existing Data and Software installations. No need to buy a brand new PC just upgrade and re-cycle the one you have. Old PCs can also be simply turned into backup machines / servers for your existing newer machines or used as a Media Centre server.

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