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Windows Vista Full Admin Account

Windows Vista comes with much hyped security, this is not a bad thing but it is irritating if you want to configure the system and are constantly OK-ing the user access pop-ups. Actually it is dangerous because after the first 5 or so it gets real old and you just tend to click "OK" by reflex without reading it.

There are 3 types of accounts

User Account is an ordinary account just like the XP version except this one works better. Asks for permission and admin password to do nearly everything, really annoying.

Admin Account is the default administrator account you get on installation. This is not a full admin account, it asks permission for all sorts of things and has no access at all to some parts of the machine. This is part of Microsoft's strategy to make Windows more secure but it is badly flawed (on purpose in my opinion) in its execution in that unlike a root admin account on a Linux or Mac box the owner still does not have full admin rights.

Full Admin Account this is hidden and normally only available in safe mode (and to Microsoft) it gives full admin access to the user. In order to log in with full admin rights in normal mode you have to do some serious tweaking. If you do this however remember running Vista as a full admin removes its main line of defence so generally you should run in the default admin account, or a user account if you can stand it for more than 5 minutes.

Log in as Full Administrator

Click the Start orb and click on Run (or press the Windows key + R)
Type in regedit and press OK. If it asks you to open this via UAC, then click OK.
In the Registry Editor, navigate to : -

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

In the right hand pane, right click the mouse and select "New" then "Key".A new folder should appear in the left hand pane.
Name this new key SpecialAccounts and press Enter.
Right click the mouse on the new SpecialAccounts key in the left hand pane, select "New" then "Key" again to make
a "sub-key".
Name this new key UserList and then press Enter.
In this new UserList key, right click in the right hand pane and select "New" then DWORD (32-bit)
and name this Administrator then press Enter.
Double click on the new DWORD you just made, and set the value to 1 (Decimal) then press OK.
Close back down to desktop. Click the Start Orb then "Run".
In the Run box type: "control userpasswords2" (without the quotes) then hit return.
Advanced -> Advanced (Local Users and Groups) -> Users
Double click Administrator and uncheck "Account is disabled".
OK back to desktop -> reboot, and Administrator will turn up as one of the accounts. This is the full un-neutered admin account.

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