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Tutorials - Legal Ways to Download Music & Video for Free (Virtually)

Applian Replay Media Suite

There is a legal way to download all the music & video you want and then re-record it after which you can burn it to a CD, transfer it to an MP3 Player, anything you wish. This is known as the "analogue hole", to explain this you have to realise that if you have a subscription to Spotify or any music streaming service you can download as many tracks as you wish, but the downloads come with DRM (Digital Rights Media) restrictions limiting what you can do with them. In order to burn a track to CD or transfer it to an MP3 player you have to pay extra for the rights, which can be expensive (depends on the subscription package you use). However if you were to plug a tape recorder or VCR directly into the PC output and record the track on it the resulting track would be free of restrictions - this is the "analogue hole" and is on about the same level as traditional home taping of music or recording of video (which according to the huge mess of copyright law actually is illegal but allowed under "Fair Use" since the lawsuit Sony won on the introduction of VCRs in the early 1980's)

The removal of DRM from copyright protected media is illegal but making an analogue copy for personal use is not, therefore this hole in the law is able to be exploited to a degree.

Here is what you do to stay inside the law as it stands and get all the music / video you want for next to nothing.

Go to Spotify, Last FM or some other streaming music service sign up for the subscription service should be around £10.00 pcm for all the music you want - video can come from BBC, 4OD or any catchup video service - Hulu - You Tube wherever you like paid subscription or free does not matter.

Next download Applian Replay Capture Suite and install it, Replay comes in modules for Music, Video and other media you can buy it all or in bits - you have to pay for it otherwise it only processes the first 30 seconds of a track, but it will save you a fortune and pay for itself in under 20 minutes. You will see on the site that this software is legal and openly for sale worldwide because it specifically does not "defeat" DRM it just by-passes it altogether, the original media is totally unchanged.

Read the help pages and installation notes with Replay to see how to set it up, it is pretty easy to figue out but beware when you use replay modules do not use the PC for anything else otherwise the quality of the resuting output will be poor or even useless.

Run the appropriate module ie Replay Video to record You Tube or BBC, tell it where to save the resulting video file and press "Record" You can do anything you want with the resulting copies, they are totally unrestricted - however it is not a good idea to then share the media you have made a personal copy of via Replay Media - that would be very illegal.

OK Granted this is pushing the "Fair Use - Analogue Hole" to the limits but it is legal, so until any court says otherwise it is OK. Also as you are "streaming" video and music direct from a website not from Bit Torrent or P2P servers nobody is watching anyway, you are doing no wrong. Remember if you can see it on screen and hear it via your speakers Replay Capture will capture and record it.

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