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Linux / Windows Network Shares - Samba

Sharing files between a Windows and Linux box seems to cause a lot of confusion for people trying Linux. There are a lot of help files out there most obscure and not really addressing the issue simply because its Linux and Linux users should be able to write command line stuff in their sleep obviously.

Here is the simple version - Using Ubuntu 7.04 & Samba - this is basically the same for any Linux Box.

Assuming you have a windows network sharing successfully and add a Linux Distro which you want to allow sharing via Windows.

You must first have Samba installed on Linux (it should be installed by default) enable file sharing by using the wizard in the Administration Menus on the Start button, run this and select the folder you wish to share, usually your home folder.

Then to share your Linux Folders with Windows you have to do a spot of terminal command line stuff - don't panic its not that bad.

OK to allow access to Samba Shares you need to set up an account in Samba so......

Open a terminal - (NB the following commands are for Ubuntu, if not using ubuntu type "su" (return) then ignore the initial "sudo" command)

You have to create accounts (in the linux box) for the users that need to use the share.

First add a username

type "sudo adduser username" (RETURN) and follow the instuctions

Username is the username that you type in when logging on to the machine.

Then add a password for the your username

type "sudo smbpasswd -a username" (RETURN) type password twice when prompted.

This tells Samba to set the password for the username you supplied to ****** whatever passwd -a the "a" = add


restart samba type "sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart" does what it says on the tin

Next go to a Windows Box and use the network dialogues to access the Linux Share. Sometimes it turns up automatically in My Network Places but mostly you have to use the "View Network Computers" option and browse to the Linux Share, enter your username and password when prompted and you are in.

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