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Tutorials - Security Kiss Tunnel

Been to Europe / USA and found that watching BBC on i-Player is not allowed?
Tried to use Hulu - the USA's huge TV catchup service in the UK - Banned?
Sky Go banned due to location?

A lot of this stuff is blocked when not in the correct country due to silly and outdated media agreements which are mad in a connected world, until the media companies and broadcasters wake up and sort it out here is a way round the problem - by hiding your true location and ID from the media servers.

Security Kiss Tunnel is an application that connects you to the web via a remote secure server the location of which you can choose yourself. The connection between your PC and the server is encrypted and unreadable by your ISP. There are no user names or passwords and you can use the service free; - limited download and servers, or pay for downloads by blocks - ie I use a plan costing 10 Euros giving me 3 months @ 30Gb a month download usage. This gives me all the servers, better speed and more than enough usage limits.

It is very easy to install on any windows machine, works through firewalls and networked PCs on private IP Addresses, does not screw up sharing files on your home network and works on anything that can get a net connection.

Full FAQ is here

Has lots of other advantages too especially if you are prone to dabbling in file sharing.

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Mac / Linux users try this site it lists equivalents


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