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Help & Advice

Windows 8
Force Windows 8 to use Desktop & restore Start Button
Windows 7
Removes the Libraries Script from Explorer
Allows you to easily change the ownership of a file to your account - Windows 7 and Vista
Remove the ugly great arrows on desktop shortcuts - Windows 7 & Vista 32 Bit only
Restores the original Windows 2000 Explorer / Start Menus etc
Download & Install this to allow legacy XP programs to run in a virtual XP environment in Windows 7
Removes all sorts of irritations and customises your Windows 7 Installation.
Website full of Windows 7 Tweaks and Hacks
Windows Vista
Vista Accounts and how to get full admin control
Tired of Vista asking you for permission for everything - disable it.
Restore Menu Bar Where is the File, Edit, View, Tools etc Menu - its hidden by default
Downgrade Win 8 to Win 7 Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
General Information
Media & Filesharing  
Peer 2 Peer Filesharing The worst and most dangerous way to get Media files from the internet when not set up correctly ----- and then some.
Security Kiss VPN Tunnel Hide your IP address and change your global location using this brilliant secure proxy tunneling connection
Network Shares Set up Network Shares Linux / Windows

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